Most of our customers are in the Reinsurance and Insurance business. Stepney Marsh Systems has a long history working with these types of companies. We understand, for example, the importance and sensitivity of renewals season. We understand how a problem, perceived as a “small problem” to many consulting firms, can possibly hold up a business transaction worth millions of pounds or dollars. We respond instantly to any problem for these and other firms.

We have profound knowledge of many of the applications and systems used in the insurance / reinsurance business, including Sics/NT, IRIS, AIR, RMS, Q.Know and the dozens of lesser known applications. We do not program or sell these applications, but we fully understand their infrastructure requirements; we can install them, and can quickly troubleshoot any potential problems.

At Stepney Marsh Systems, one of our technical specialties is to provide “client-less” access to these applications through the use of thin client remote control computing. For example, it can be difficult or time consuming for IT departments to distribute the sometimes complicated application clients and maintain reasonable response time over Wide Area Network (WAN) links.

With a remote control solution in place, client computers only need a web browser or, at most, thin client software. This software is much easier to distribute and maintain, and can even be set up to be managed centrally. The application “client” resides on the remote control server which is located close (on a fast network link) to the back-end data, so no data crosses the WAN. This ensures fast response time to all users on a global network.

This solution can also be expanded to provide remote control remote access. It is possible to run complex applications from any computer with a web browser connected to the Internet, for example in Internet cafés. Response time is reasonable even over dial-up connections.

Montpelier Re

“Montpelier Re is a Bermudian reinsurance company dedicated to providing customized, innovative, and timely reinsurance and insurance solutions to our clients. We use Stepney Marsh Systems for IT operations and occasional infrastructure builds at our London site. I rarely have to think about London because they just get the job done professionally.”

D.M. Westgate
Vice President of IT
Montpelier Re